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Need a commercial space re-done? Look no further than Alpha Group for all of your commercial requirements.

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Oven Cleaning Services

Let Alpha group work with you to get your oven looking like new. 

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Is your oven or cooker in need of a professional clean? Call the experts at Alpha Group to arrange a really thorough clean of your oven, hob, microwave, extractor or bbq – we have the expertise and the commercial cleaning products to remove the grime and make things shine!
Oven Cleaning
Single Ovens from £40.00
Double Ovens from £50.00
Range (90cm) – £55.00
Range (110cm) – £65.00
2 Ovens – £65.00
3 Ovens – £70.00
4 Ovens – £80.00
Standard oven racks are included in the above prices

Microwave Cleaning
Standard Microwave – £10.00
Combi Microwave – £20.00

Hob Cleaning
4 Burner Electric Hob – £8.00
4 Burner Gas Hob – £15.00
5-8 Burner Electric Hob – £10.00
5-8 Burner Gas Hob – £17.00

Extractor Cleaning
60cm Extractor – £10.00
90cm Extractor – £15.00
110cm Extractor – £20.00
(Paper filters inclusive where required)

BBQ Cleaning
1 Burner – £35.00
2 Burners – £45.00
3 Burners – £55.00

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